BSB20115 – Certificate II in Business

SIR30312 – Certificate III in Retail Supervision

BSB30315 - Certificate III in Micro Business Operations

BSB30615 - Certificate III in International Trade

BSB30215 – Certificate III in Customer Engagement

BSB41015 – Certificate IV in Human Resources

BSB41515 – Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

BSB42015 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

BSB42515 – Certificate IV in Small Business Management

BSB41115 – Certificate IV in International Trade

BSB42615 – Certificate IV in New Small Business

BSB50615 – Diploma of Human Resources Management

BSB51415 – Diploma of Project Management

BSB50815 – Diploma of International Business

BSB52015 – Diploma of Conveyancing

BSB50315 – Diploma Of Customer Engagement

BSB51615 - Diploma Of Quality Auditing

BSB61215 – Advanced Diploma of Program Management