AMP40415 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance)

CPP20212 – Certificate II in Security Operations

CPP20611 – Certificate II in Cleaning Operations

CPP30316 – Certificate III in Cleaning Operations

CPP30411 – Certificate III in Security Operations

CPP40416 – Certificate IV in Cleaning Management

CPP40707 – Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

CPP50611 – Diploma of Security and Risk Management

SIS50612-Diploma of Sports Development

BSB41315 – Certificate IV in Marketing

BSB61315 – Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication

TLI31610 – Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

TLI32410 – Certificate III in Logistics

TLI41810 – Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

TLI42010 – Certificate IV in Logistics

TLI50415 – Diploma of Logistics

TLI60115 – Advanced Diploma of Material Logistics